I’ve been speaking operational excellence, lean manufacturing and six sigma for over 15 years and I’m in a room filled with people that, when I say DMAIC, they immediately know what I’m talking about. When I say ‘I’m walking the Gemba’, they know exactly what I’m talking about. Not only do they know what I’m talking about, they provide me with stories of their own that now I’m absorbing and I’m going to use when I go back to my office.
Bill Seaton, VP, Global Engineering & Operational Excellence, Sigma-Aldrich

This summit was very enlightening. It has provided me with tools and techniques to take immediate and massive disruptive action to drive rapid continuous improvements throughout the entire organization.
Jorge Rodriguez, VP, Manufacturing, JL Audio

Very good mix of content and networking with the right companies to move your business forward.
Bert Feinberg, VP, Operations, Phillocraft

Great conference that provided insight on how lean tools have been tailored to change the culture. Great networking opportunities.
Arne Vogt, Director of Operations and Supply Chain, Cobham